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Increasingly, many individuals recognise the need for an independent advisor to make recommendations to them on their retirement, death and disability benefits as well as investment opportunities. Based on over twenty years of experience, we offer clients an impartial service on all aspects of their financial planning.

Ailesbury Capital Limited trading as ITSYOURFUTURE is a professional services company that offers individuals an independent and impartial fresh perspective on how to achieve desired results in the area of investments and pensions as well as protection arrangements.

  • Our business proposition offers independent consultancy
  • Our attention to detail promotes excellence and quality in all we do and sets the highest professional standards in order to continue to earn the confidence and trust of our clients.
  • Our focus means partnering with you to achieve the optimum solution for your retirement, death and disability benefits based on over twenty years of experience.
  • Our value proposition is to offer practical solutions to clients
  • Our research offers in-depth analysis and un-biased analysis of products and markets.

Our Philosophy

  • Effective compensation and benefits planning for you is about understanding what you can do and how to achieve it.
  • ITSYOURFUTURE promotes an active role in this regard and partners with clients who want not just assistance, but who want access to up to date research and specialist knowledge to achieve pre-determined goals.
  • Being pro-active means our service offers pre-agreed periodic meetings but also pro-active intervention to ensure our clients are up to date with thought leadership ideas.
  • ITSYOURFUTURE has partnered with a number of experienced professionals to support projects where required in the area of actuarial, audit, investment, legal and tax to ensure constructive independent and impartial advice.

Individual Clients

As an Authorised Advisor, we are obliged and authorised to consider relevant products from all financial services in the market. This means that we can review all offerings and advise on the best options to suit your needs whether you are saving in the short term, investing a lump sum for a period of time, putting some protection in place for unpredictable events or planning for your future through retirement funding.

Upon engagement, we will follow a process to better understand your current personal and financial circumstances:

  1. Assess your current situation taking account of all assets and liabilities as well as personal and family circumstance
  2. Identify, quantify and prioritise your needs relative to your disposable income
  3. Design and offer a strategy to meet these needs subject to what one can afford
  4. Provide recommendations
  5. Pro-actively monitor and review these needs whilst taking of changing personal circumstances
  6. Periodically meet and review your ever evolving needs and objectives

Ailesbury Capital Limited trading as ITSYOURFUTURE is authorised as an Authorised Advisor under Section 10 of the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 (as amended) and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Ailesbury Capital Limited trading as ITSYOURFUTURE is also registered to undertake insurance mediation under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations, 2005.

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Managing Director

James Kavanagh, B.A. (Econ), QFA, C.Dip. Pens., FIIPM, AffSAI

James Kavanagh, Managing Director, has over twenty five years’ experience in advising employers, trustee boards, individuals, semi-state and state clients.

James started his career, in 1989, working in what is now AON Hewitt. In 1999 he joined the pensions consulting division of Ernst & Young. James moved to what is now Towers Watson as a Senior Consultant when the Ernst & Young pension consulting division was sold in 2006.

James is a regular columnist and contributor to the media (e.g. Irish Times and Sunday Business Post).

James is a former Director, Council member and Chair of the DC Committee of the Irish Association of Pension Funds.



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